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A-Smart Life

Established in 2017, A-Smart Life strives to combine a smart urban lifestyle through continual innovation and development for the mission of ecological sustainability.

It provides compact recycling machines that allow low- energy, high-speed processing of food waste for conversion to natural, healthy fertilizers.

Through extensive Research & Development, our machines are further improved and enhanced to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific food waste management needs.

A-Smart Life has been actively engaging in food waste recycling initiatives and technologies and we are an approved vendor under the NEA listing

Our Vision (我们的愿景)

Paving the Way for a ZERO-WASTE Nation (铺向零垃圾的国家)

Committed to providing a tailored-made comprehensive and effective Zero-Waste Solution to close the waste loop.

Our Projects

Our steadfast beliefs in only providing the best for our clients led us to constantly refine and improve our products. Through all the tremedous efforts we have poured into R&D, we are pleased to share with you the fruit of our labour, the Smart Digester! Whether it is a compact system to fit into the limited space or the most comprehensive system to resolve the concerns of wastewater and odor emissions, you will be spoilt for choice with our family of Smart Digesters!

Smart Geo

Our most comprehensive food waste digester yet, the Smart Geo features the most comprehensive food treatment facilities, which includes a Fermentation cell with Automatic Lifter; Crusher and Digital Data Logging; a Gas Scrubber and also the Wastewater Treatment Unit.

Smart Geo Lite

If space constrait is a limitation, fret not, the Smart Geo Lite is the ideal digester for you! This compact system ferments food waste into compost in just a span of 24 hours!

Smart Aqua

For those who do not want a solid output, look no further, the Smart Aqua is just the system for you. This system converts the food waste into liquid discharge that meets the PUB stringent discharge limit in just 24 hours!

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Smart Geo
Smart Geo Light
Smart Geo process
Gas Purtification
Wastewater Treatment Unit

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