A-Smart Property Holdings Pte Ltd

The Group has identified Timor-Leste as a potential emerging market. The country, rich in oil and gas and highly reliant on oil as its export, has started looking into the development of its tourism industry following the oil price crash since 2014. Therein, thus, lies numerous untapped opportunities due to the country’s shortage of quality residential and commercial properties. The Group intends to ride on the government’s large scale development plans for Dili, which will allow home buyers and investors to enjoy a growth in valuation of the Group’s upcoming developments, namely a mixed development project, a wholesale centre, and a seafront resort. Leveraging a first-mover advantage, the Group believes its timely entry will broaden its earnings base whilst generating new and sustainable streams of revenue.

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A-Smart Commerce Pte Ltd

As part of its vision to become a one-stop smart technology solutions provider for the F&B and retail industry in Singapore, the Group has developed a food waste digester system utilising advanced green technology for food waste composting and recycling. In line with Singapore’s Zero Waste Masterplan, this system is designed to be deployed in locations that typically generate high amounts of food waste, to reduce the food waste significantly using environmentally friendly and sustainable methods.

Following years of R&D, our digester systems has met all the rigorous criteria set by the local authorities and is now one of the few NEA-approved vendors for comprehensive food waste digester systems and this gives further affirmation towards the quality of our products. During the second half of FY2021, the Group has not only launched its own series of food waste digester systems but also experienced a positive sales outlook for them.

The Group’s initial focus on market penetration has also paid early dividends as it managed to secure several successful tenders. Moving forward, the Group will continue to participate in all available tender exercises, while simultaneously expanding our existing client base. Coupled with the Zero-Waste initiative of the Singapore government, the Group continues to maintain a healthy pipeline in sales enquiry and feedback. The Group is currently in discussion with several building owners and food hub operators to provide customized food waste management solutions to each establishment according to their specific needs. The Group has also reached out to other industries such as shopping malls, clubs and even places of worship to facilitate their transition to a greener future with our food waste management system.

A-Smart Life Pte Ltd

A-Smart Life was formed in 2017 with a primary focus to innovate and implement automation, serving Singapore’s growth as a Smart Nation along with the rise of smart cities globally. A-Smart Life provides intelligent IT, augmented reality and automated solutions for urban living in various aspects, such as mobile e-commerce, data-driven productivity, F&B and retail services.

A-Smart Life’s drive to develop and implement technology through an active, hands-on and friendly approach also allows it to stay abreast of the latest technological happenings. It is through this keen sense of technological appreciation that A-Smart Life started its research into ecological sustainability – the A-Smart (food waste) Digester. Through countless trials and errors and multiple field trips to learn and adopt the latest and most efficient technology, the A-Smart Digester is now a refined product and has been given the stamp of approval by the National Environment Agency (NEA).

A-Smart Life strives to be a leading developer and adopter of one-stop smart IT and environmentally friendly solutions in Southeast Asia, paving the way for a sustainable future!

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A-Smart Pair (SEA) Pte Ltd

Serving sustainable lifestyle, A-Smart Pair (SEA) provides compact recycling machines that allow low energy, high speed processing of food waste for conversion to natural, healthy fertiliser at the point of food handling. Through joint venture with an established technology leader, A-Smart Pair (SEA) drives continual innovation and development for the mission of ecological sustainability.

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Xpress Print Pte Ltd

Xpress Print, the Group’s wholly-owned Singapore subsidiary, is a mid-sized printing company supported by a comprehensive network of printing partners in the region. With over 30 years of track record, Xpress Print offers a full range of print management services, including time-sensitive financial printing, conceptualisation, design, copywriting, translation, typesetting, colour proofing, printing, post-press packaging, global distribution and delivery. It also produces corporate brochures, year books, magazines and other commercial publications, collaterals and corporate gifts/premium for its wide global base of local and MNC financial and corporate organisations.

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A-Smart Media Pte Ltd

A-Smart Media Pte Ltd, the Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary, continues to front efforts in Corporate Social Responsibility. Since organizing its maiden event in January 2017 for the President’s Challenge Charity Fund, A-Smart Media has since gone on to organize multiple events and functions, ranging from concerts to business and marketing conferences to even largescale outdoor events. The recently concluded Festival of Lights 2020, a large-scale outdoor event that was held at Jurong Lake Gardens, featured an unprecedented 28 sets of large lanterns amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. The event was widely reported as a great success on different local media platforms in Singapore. Its Safe Management Measure (SMM) model was also extensively emulated by different event organizers subsequently.

The Group will continue to pursue events management actively and is currently in the final rounds of discussions with various parties to stage future largescale lantern displays.

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A-Smart Investments Pte Ltd

The Group currently holds a 10% stake in an associated company, Sheng Siong (China) Supermarket Co., Ltd (“SSC”).

SSC is managed and majority owned by Sheng Siong Group Ltd, a leading supermarket chain operator in Singapore and it currently has three stores that are operational in Kunming, with a fourth and fifth stores preparing for opening. All three stores continue to record healthy revenue and are profitable. The associated company is maintaining the strategy of gradually expanding the chain of supermarket stores, while promoting the “Singapore brand”, which is widely perceived to be superior, locally.

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